A Recent Convert’s Guide to Coffee on the Coast

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Anyone Can Appreciate Coffee on the Gold Coast 

Until recently coffee was never my thing. Its dark colour and pungent taste never really appealed to me, but it doesn’t take long to develop an appreciation when you’re battling sleep deprivation come exam time. Here’s a taste of what’s out there from a recent convert to caffeine.

  • Paradox

My theory is that the Paradox café has this name because Surfers Paradise, where it is located, is not a surfer´s paradise. It’s a deceiving combination of name and element. Fortunately, there’s nothing deceptive about the Paradox and its quaint-looking interior. Albeit my knowledge of what constitutes good coffee is limited, when I had my flat white there I found no reason to complain. What really startled me, though, was the cutlery they provided just before they served my eggs benny. A golden fork and a golden knife. On the Gold Coast? It shouldn´t be a surprise, but I was, paradoxically.

Paradox cutlery

  • Daymaker

Definitely not a café with a view, but this Miami establishment has the best concrete bench in the business. That´s right, when taking up a position outside you get to sit on a concrete bench, grey and beautiful. I always put my back to the sunny wall and my feet up on the bench when sipping from the mug. I don´t know why, but a relaxed poise on the concrete bench makes the coffee taste that much better.

  • Paddock

If I needed a one-liner for this it would be “1kg cookie”. Whilst Paddock isn’t exactly Willy Wonka´s Chocolate Factory, it wouldn´t surprise me if I happened to step on an Oompa-Loompa on my way to their cabinet. It's so lavishly sweet: white chocolate muffins with strawberry, chocolate brownies with caramel, double chocolate cookies, almond croissants… I know nothing else about Paddock, because that’s all I see when I go there. But, yes, apparently they do serve coffee there too… in a gorgeous environment.

Coffee with Muffin at Paddock

  • Seven Eleven

For a student, when anything apart from a home-cooked meal can often seem luxurious, the one-dollar coffee tastes supreme. It took me some time to make this discovery, unfortunately. I hope it doesn´t take you as long, for every coffee you drink there saves you enough to buy Coles cookies on the way back home (life coach advice). If further convincing is still required, my friend told me they use the same coffee grains as other cafes around town. You´re welcome.

* Frankie Barcellos is studying his masters in Communications at Bond University.