Budget Busters to Beat the Monday Blues

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Mondays Never Looked So Good 

The human body is quick to adjust to a state of low energy expenditure. It is the same for the mind. Come Friday afternoon and I’m already moving like a sloth, thinking of my sofa – the natural habitat for the weekend - whatever Netflix series I’m watching and dinner with friends. By the time Monday rolls around the question of how I’m going to reconquer an active state of mind and body to power through the week starts seeping into what can be a somewhat dreaded day.

The solution I found to cure this nagging mindset is very simple. Believe it or not, I’ve found reasons to look forward to Mondays, but it’s important to note that these reasons must exist in the after-hours part of Monday. This means that breakfast is logically excluded – the solution can´t be to look forward to your Monday-morning pancakes, or else how are you going to keep motivated during the rest of the day?

Pancakes may be a good motivation to wake up, but you’ll need more than that to survive until you punch out the clock. The trick is to get through Monday knowing that your efforts will be rewarded accordingly come to the end of the day.

* Frankie Barcellos is studying his Masters in Communications at Bond University.

Apres Burger

My sure-fire way to glide with ease through the start of the week blues without busting your budget are these two Monday deals:

1) Grab a five-dollar cheeseburger at Après Surf, in Mermaid Beach; and

2) Catch the five-dollar movie session at The Star Casino and Hotel, in Broadbeach.

For me, it is an infallible strategy. At around 6pm on Mondays, I step onto the gridded black and white floor at Après Surf, order my cheeseburger and grab a seat facing the bar. While I wait, I soak up the low key vibe, where a purplish light stems from the beverage shelf. It´s a funky, warm environment.

Apres Surf

Then, belly filled with delicious burger I mosey on up the street to catch the 7.30pm movie session at The Star. It’s a nice, digestive stroll, even nicer when you realise the whole lot only cost you ten dollars.

And just like that, Mondays suddenly look so much better.

PS: One of the bartenders in Après Surf looks like Bradley Cooper. The other, like Napoleon Dynamite. Only on the Gold Coast.