On the Run

I’ve only been living on the Gold Coast since May 2019, however it didn’t take long for me to realise that this dynamic city is a wonderful place for surfing, boating, cycling and so many other outdoor sports. As an amateur running enthusiast, I have to say that Gold Coast is also a paradise for runners. Here’s my roadmap to some wonderful jogging experiences this city has to offer.

Explore the parks and find your favourite courses

I like to go to different parks or jog along the roads to find nice courses for myself. My favorite places are Burleigh Heads, Surfers Paradise, Miami Beach and Broadbeach. It’s so refreshing to run alongside the beach while feeling the breeze with the sound of the waves from the ocean.

The Gold Coast has so many parks and Pizzey Park, near my home, is my favorite. No matter whether it’s early morning or late afternoon, the beautiful environment and views never disappoint me, particularly at sunrise and sunset. There are many varieties of birdlife searching for food on the grassland or singing in the trees that fill me with a peace of mind as I jog by taking in the fresh air and saying hi to the locals exercising in the park. Every time I run at Pizzey Park I’m repeatedly reminded of how much I appreciate this lovely place.

Join Parkrun

Parkrun is a free weekly community running event that’s staged all around the world and it’s very prevalent on the Gold Coast. The 5km morning run each Saturday is a very popular weekend recreational activity that I really enjoy. I’ve seen many young couples jogging with their kids and some of them pushing a stroller with their baby when they run. There are also elder community members in their 70's or even 80's who jog together with us regularly. As an international student, joining Parkrun is much more than just exercise for me, it’s also an opportunity to learn more about my home and the people who live in my community.

Take part in the Gold Coast Marathon

The Gold Coast Marathon has been running (pardon the pun) for more than 40 years and is the largest marathon in the Southern Hemisphere. It’s Australia’s premier road race, holding an International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) Road Race Gold Label. There are multiple races for runners at different levels from junior to senior, starting from the 2km mini-run right up to the full marathon.

Running alongside spectacular beaches and amazing waters on a flat course while seeing and hearing people cheering and applauding for you is one of the joys of taking part. This is a well organised event with many locals cheering you on to provide an unforgettable experience.

It's a very early start on the Marathon for Weiwei

Running is often seen as a solo pursuit, but there are many running groups and clubs - check to see if your university has one you can join. It’s amazing how much strength and self-confidence you can gain from the encouragement of your running mates. Whether you choose to run solo, become more social with a Parkrun or get serious with a marathon, there’s something for every kind of runner on the Gold Coast.  

*Weiwei Zhang is studying her Masters in Construction Practice and Project Management at Bond University.