The Gold Coast On 2 Wheels

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A City Built For Cycling

I got my first bike at the age 13 and cycling has been a passion of mine ever since. This passion was fuelled further when I started watching the Tour De France, every summer, on TV. I just could not comprehend how the cyclists were able to ride over 100 km in one day, just to wake up and do it all over again the next day - insane!

Cycling is insane. It’s also thrilling. More than anything cycling is an expression of freedom that motivates you to push you to your limits as you peddle on to your desired destination.

In 2016 I decided to act out my Tour De France dreams and registered myself for a 86 km cycling marathon, I crossed the finish line after four hours and 32 minutes. My legs were sore for three days but my brain was excited more than ever about cycling.

After the marathon, I moved to a new country, Australia, where I’ve been living and cycling on the Gold Coast for the past two and a half years. Although the landscape has changed, my attitude is still the same: I’m still pushing my limits.

The Gold Coast is very generous to cyclists – there’s really no limits as to how much a person can explore this city on 2 wheels. I love the fact that most roads have a dedicated cycling path. As someone who does not own a car, cycling offers me the ability, at any time, to venture out of the city and explore the Gold Coast hinterland.

My favourite cycling destination so far is Hinze Dam. It’s just over 20 km from the city centre, offering beautiful scenery that’s nature at its best. Once you arrive, there’s good coffee at View Café to reward yourself for all your hard work and while you’re there grab a delicious muffin to refuel those carbs.

Coffee and carbs

Cycling offers affordable student flexibility. You forgot to buy sugar? Just cycle to the nearest supermarket. Think you’ll be late for class? Jump on your bike and peddle to school. Want to explore a new local place? Just peddle there. The added bonus is the accumulation of all these small rides make it possible to endure the longer hauls.

My next goal is to complete the 'Brisbane to Gold Coast Challenge' in September. It is a 100 km “joy” ride from South Bank in Brisbane to Southport on the Gold Coast. It’s not only an opportunity to see new places and create a new experience, for a wanderer like myself the real lure of cycling is the offer of endless possibilities. As always it’s never about the destination, but the appreciation of the journey.

*Joseph Prospere is studying Business at Griffith University.