The One Stop Destination For All Your Student Needs

On a lazy winter morning, I started my day watching ‘Harishchandrachi Factory’ on Netflix; a Marathi movie on how the first feature film was produced in India. Pretty impressive! You should watch it too. I hadn’t planned for the rest of the day, but I knew I had one place that would welcome me; a place where I could chill and experience some good vibes.

The Gold Coast Student Hub is situated in the heart of Southport and is easily accessible via public transport for any student who travels via bus or tram using their Go Card. When you get off the tram at Southport station, the Hub is right next door – easy! Branded in my favourite colour teal, the Gold Coast Student Hub stands out as a unique place dedicated for students to hang out, connect, explore and learn.

As you enter you’re welcomed by the staff of the Hub who will guide you through all the facilities. They are so helpful that they feel like your friends the instant you meet them. I have to admit that I’m a bit of an introvert; and at times I find it hard to make friends, but at the Gold Coast Student Hub I instantly found friends here - friends who are very much like family. And then, wooohooo! So many things to do!

Good vibes only

At the Hub, it’s a different atmosphere. It’s a special place where they emphasise that it’s ‘good vibes only’. When you check in you’ll see a screen that lists all of the upcoming events and if you‘re interested in them you can register, always free of charge. Scattered around the Hub you’ll find lots of activities, with everything from board games to origami. If you prefer to spend some quiet time in your own company there’s also plenty of books and magazines to choose from as well.

There are notebooks, pens and candy to keep you motivated, access to computers to do your assignments and even a crossword on a white board to tease your brain. Did I hear you say internet? They’ve got you covered. There’s also free Wi-Fi to ensure you stay connected and a comfy couch with some cute cushions thrown in too.

While the Gold Coast Student Hub is primarily a study space, its mantra is ‘good vibes only’, so there’s always opportunities for fun. One example is that you can capture your happy, sad, crazy, silly and nutty moments through the Hub’s Instapix camera where you can click, instantly grab the pic and share it on the world map board.

Instapix - just like that.

Chilled out experience

With so much to do there’s no point in having all of those activities without sustenance too, right? That’s why you need to sample the great Australian delicacy called Tim Tams (yummy chocolate coated biscuits) that are always in plentiful supply at the Hub. Then of course you’ll need a complimentary cup of tea or coffee to wash that chocolate down too – the perfect accessory as you slide into one of their bean bags in the reading corner.

One thing that really impressed me about the Gold Coast Student Hub is that they have keep cups. Now, as a passionate environmentalist I’m an ardent believer in keep cups. Paper or plastic cups should now be banned as the more they are produced the more we use them, but a keep cup is a great option to carry in your bag at all times. So make sure you become a little more environmentally conscious and ask for one of their keep cups when you drop in for a visit.

The next time you’re looking for the right spot for a chilled out experience check out the Gold Coast Student Hub and tap into the good vibes as you instantly feel at home.

*Thilinika Wijesinghe is studying a PhD in Education at Southern Cross University. Thili is a 2021 Mayor's Student Ambassador.