Unique Movie Experiences On The Coast

Things to do 

I love watching movies at a theatre. Of course it’s very tempting to be lazy, stay home and watch Netflix but it can be such a rewarding venture to step outside and enjoy a movie on the big screen. So if you’re a movie buff like me here are some unique movie experiences on the Gold Coast - tried and tested.

1. Movie Mondays at the Star: The casino offers free movie screenings for all members of the Star Club every Monday. Becoming a member is easy and free, just visit the link below. Plus, if you have friends who are non-members, they pay just $5 which is really cheap. What I suggest you do is make a night of it by enjoying some dinner at one of The Star’s eateries like Food Quarter, Mie Wie Dumplings or Garden Kitchen - all of which are very affordable.

2. Movies in 4D: If you feel like splurging a little bit on your next favourite Marvel movie you can now watch it in 4D at Event Cinemas, Pacific Fair. It’s an immersive experience without a doubt, but it will set you back $23 after a student discount. Despite the price it was worth every penny when I watched ‘Jumnaji: Next Level’ in 4D!

4DX Experience at Pacific Fair

3. Movies Under the Stars: With such a wonderful climate watching a movie under the stars is a very GC thing to do and best of all, it’s free! This outdoor movie experience takes place at venues all over the coast every Saturday. I had a lovely picnic with friends at the stunning Tallebudgera Creek whilst enjoying a movie on the big screen, making it just about the perfect evening.

4. Movies at HOTA: The Home of the Arts is a unique venue that hosts events, exhibitions and movies as well. Tickets are around $8.50 which is very reasonable, and is a must visit if you’re interested in arts and culture. Being an arts centre they feature movies that don’t usually have a mainstream release, so this is the place to go if you want to check out a documentary or a critically acclaimed film.

*Main Photo: Movies Under The Stars, City of Gold Coast

**Soham Pandit is studying Hospitality and Tourism at Griffith University.