Your Guide for Getting Around the Coast

Keep moving 

If you’ve arrived on the Gold Coast recently and are looking for the best ways to get around town then this is your one stop guide. Here are some tips and tricks that will save you time and money. 

Public Transport 

1. Discounts. One of the biggest advantages of being a student on the Gold Coast is that you get a 50% concession on all modes of public transport. Keep smiling because this is valid right throughout Queensland, so a trip from the Gold Coast to Brisbane could cost you as little as $3.50. Make sure you carry your student ID at all times when travelling as this is a requirement for the concession.

2. Go Cards. The first thing you need to do is get yourself a ‘Go Card’. This card is something you need to have with you at all times as it is your pre-paid ticket that gives you access to the G:link (tram), bus and train services. You just have to remember to tap the card on the scanner at the start of your journey and tap off when you disembark. Go Cards can be bought online and are also available at most Seven Eleven stores, tram stations and other selected retailers. For more information visit

The G:link

3. Apps. Finding the best modes of public transport is very easy as the entire system is totally integrated with Google Maps. Just enter the destination and you will have the route you need to follow, along with your desired travel time of the bus, tram or train at the station closest to you. The Translink app is also very well designed and provides real time updates as well as multiple route options.

4. Hopo. This new ferry service is in its trial phase and is an enjoyable way to move around and discover the Gold Coast through the city's scenic waterways.

Private Transport

1. Cabs. Uber is a convenient, reliable and cheaper option compared to city’s taxis which are more expensive. New companies like Didi and Ola have started services in the city recently and usually offer good deals as they compete with the well established Uber.

2. Car Rentals. Renting a vehicle is a practical solution if you have a day trip or a weekend getaway planned with friends. Rentals turn out to be fairly inexpensive if you can get together a group of four or five people with a basic sedan costing you no more than $15 to $20 a day each. I’d recommend getting insurance to avoid any potential headaches in case of unforeseen circumstances. If you buy a full package by booking your vehicle online you can save money and get a better rate.

Try to book one month prior and monitor company websites regularly when planning your trip to find the best deals. Book with renowned companies like Europcar, Thirfty, East Coast Rentals, Hertz or Avis. You can find good deals through third party websites such as Carflexi or Airport Rentals too.

Nice day for a drive

* Soham Pandit is studying Tourism and Hospitality at Griffith University.